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South of the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean lies the multi-island country of the Turks and Caicos Islands. From the language of the Taino and Lucayan Indians, the islands’ original inhabitants, “Turks” is a reference to the indigenous Turk’s head cactus and “Caicos” is from the Lucayan term “caya hico” meaning string of islands. This string of 40 diverse islands and cays, only eight of which are inhabited, form a Caribbean archipelago that invites charter yachts to explore its 200 miles of fine white sand beaches lapped by shining turquoise seas.

Only in the last 30 years has the Turks and Caicos grown into a popular tourist destination. With its natural coral reef reaching depths of more than 7,000 feet, the Turks and Caicos is relished by wall divers and is one of the world’s top choices for diving and snorkeling. Sport fishing is also a main draw. Many visitors arrive to the Turks & Caicos by boat and enjoy cruising its pristine waters. To truly develop a relationship with this fascinating destination, sailing through each island in the chain is recommended, a goal that attracts repeat visitors.

The tourist hub of The Turks and Caicos Islands is Povidenciales, or Provo, which hosts cruise ships, the Club Med Turkoise Resort, restaurants, attractions, and the startlingly beautiful Grace Bay with its 12-mile beach. Povidenciales is well equipped to host yacht charter visitors. Marinas include Turtle Cove Marina, Leeward Marina, South Side Marina, and Caicos Marina and Shipyard. Sail boats are best anchored at Sappodilla Bay on Provo’s south side.

North Caicos is a green island with lush vegetation, swampy estuaries and the seven-mile Whitby Beach. Middle Caicos is known for Conch Bar, its cave network of unique limestone formations. West Caicos and East Caicos are uninhabited, yet offer numerous white beaches accessible by yacht. Cruise on to the fishing port and yachting center of South Caicos, which also boasts miles of beaches.

Sailing southward will bring you to the historic Grand Turk, the capital city of this British Commonwealth country. Grand Turk is also home to a brand new cruise ship center. Below Grand Turk lies Salt Cay, where the salt making industry was born.

How many islands of the 40 irresistible Turks and Caicos will you conquer in your upcoming yacht charter vacation?




From fishing and farming to salt mining, from pirate hideouts to cotton plantations, The Exumas in the Bahama Islands have a colorful history. Today, this 120-mile string of tropical islands with hundreds of pink sand beaches, natural cays and inviting harbors for your Bahamas charter yacht is the premier sailing and boating destination of the Bahama Islands.

The National Land and Sea Park, established in 1958, is one of the most notable attractions in The Exumas and is located at the northern end of the islands. Yachting visitors may harbor at beautiful Warderick Wells Cay near the park headquarters or in the quieter south anchorage, and enjoy snorkeling among the protected coral reefs, kayaking, and hiking trails. The Land and Sea Park includes an array of other anchorage opportunities during your Bahamas yacht charter adventure including Shroud Cay, Hawksbill Cay, and Cambridge Cay.

As your yacht meanders southward through The Exumas, you’ll find Staniel Cay and the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, OBrien Cay which offers a sea aquarium worth viewing, and Sampson Cay with its resort and marina. Great Exuma, in the south, is a great place for lodging and restaurants. Moriah Harbour Cay, a Bahamian National Park, has miles of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world. Cruise to Stocking Island and enjoy its deserted beaches and rocky cliffs.

The multicolored turquoise waters, unspoiled sandy beaches that invite barefoot discovery, and myriad coves and cays make exploring The Exumas a unforgettable Bahamas yacht charter vacation.





The Abaco Islands are found in the northern-most part of the 700-island Bahamas archipelago in the western Atlantic Ocean, and lie east of Grand Bahama Island. Little Abaco Island and Great Abaco Island and their out islands are a yachter’s paradise of cays, harbors, sparkling waters and modern marinas, so it is no wonder that the Abacos are often referred to as the sailing vacation capital of the world. The sea channel between the two islands is known for pleasant cruising.

At the hub of this Bahamas charter yacht destination is Marsh Harbor, the capital city, on Great Abaco. Plentiful restaurants and nightlife attract visitors, and Marsh Harbor is a popular spot to seek out diving and snorkeling opportunities along the barrier reef rimming Abaco’s out islands.

Like to fish? Cruise out and reel in marlin and sailfish from the deep waters off the Abaco cays, or explore the shallow bonefishing flats to the west of Great Abaco.

Navigate your charter yacht just south of Marsh Harbor to find Hope Town at Elbow Cay, home to one of the Abacos’ most photographed sites, the cheerful 120-foot red and white striped Hope Town Light House. Hope Town’s New England style villages, museums, shops and restaurants are worth an afternoon stroll.

As you cruise in your charter yacht from northern waters to the south, you’ll take in the beauty of Walkers Cay, the Grand Cays and Guana Cay, followed by Green Turtle Cay known for its museum, sculpture gardens and spectacular beach. Man-O-War Cay, midway along your Abacos cruise, is a quaint boat building community offering dining, shops and sandy beach, all welcoming you to alight for a stop.

Sailing south, Lynyard Cay and Sandy Cay beckon, along with Pelican Cays National Park where coral and sea life abound. Treasure Cay offers one of the Bahamas’ most famous championship golf courses, and its beach is ranked among the top 10 in the world by National Geographic magazine.

The lovely Abacos offer a never-ending variety of views, anchorages and activities to make your Bahamas charter yacht cruise an unforgettable trip.

Nassau & Paradise Island




An incomparable Bahamian yachting experience awaits at the famous northern Bahama island of New Providence, more well known for its two popular cities, Nassau and Paradise Island. New Providence is the most visited island of the Bahamas due to its international airport and cruise ship dock busy with sun seeking passengers.

Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, epitomizes the Bahamas reputation as the ultimate island getaway. Many yacht charter trips originate in Naussau, as it makes a convenient base from which to visit all the out islands of this 700-island archipelago. Marinas and boat slips are plentiful.

You’ll have trouble choosing what to see in Nassau, a contrast of old world charm and modern elegance. Why not enjoy it all, from the famous straw markets and duty free shops including the tempting boutiques of Bay Street, to historical Colonial buildings and Parliament Square downtown. Tour historic Fort Charlotte, Fort Montague and Fort Fincastle which protected the island against 18th century pirates.

Water sports are readily available in the crystal clear waters surrounding Nassau, as well as fishing, incredible snorkeling at sites including Rose Island, and diving in the beautiful underwater gardens at Shark Wall, famous for its colorful marine life.

The cuisine, the rich culture and the pristine white sand beaches all cast their magic in busy Nassau, yet you’ll find plenty of remote sites to drop anchor and enjoy pure relaxation or quiet swimming in the sun, right off shore.

A bridge to the east of Nassau leads to Paradise Island, a magnificent resort destination which lives up to its name. The island’s tropical splendor is exhibited in spectacular beaches, a world class golf course, huge casinos offering high rolling excitement and luxurious hotels. Probably most well known is the Atlantis Resort which also has a marina for your yachting convenience. Other notable sites on Paradise Island include Versailles Garden, and The Cloisters, a 14th century French monastery that was rebuilt on the top of a hill overlooking Nassau Harbor and makes a picturesque site for weddings.

Your Bahamas yacht charter among the gorgeous waters and beautiful views of Nassau and Paradise Island will inspire you to sigh and say…this is vacation!

Grand Bahama Freeport & Lucaya



A memorable Bahamas yacht charter cruise begins on the fascinating 96-mile Grand Bahama Island. This northernmost island of the Bahamas archipelago invites yachters to explore its breathtaking beaches, unspoiled pine forests, small villages, and of course, the mega-popular cosmopolitan cities of Freeport and Lucaya. Grand Bahama has seven well-equipped marinas, one of which is Old Bahama Bay Marina and Resort at the settlement of West End. You’ll want to anchor and enjoy this secluded resort which offers swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, bonefishing flats and nature trails.

If beaches are on your relaxation to-do list, the southern shore of Grand Bahama offers miles of exquisite sandy beach, including Gold Rock Beach. Grand Bahama is also home to the Underwater Explorers Society, or UNEXSO, and its exciting dive center for scuba enthusiasts …you may even wish to dive with the sharks or dolphins! At Freeport, the luxurious resorts such as Bahamia Resort & Casino are filled with tourists ready to try their luck at a wide array of gambling opportunities, as well as high end shopping including the International Bazaar. Like to golf? Alight from your yacht, get your land lubber legs back, and enjoy golf courses designed by Dick Wilson, Joe Lee and Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Freeport may be the teaming commercial city of Grand Bahama, but Lucaya is the main yachting destination here. Located on the southern coast, Lucaya is reachable from the Bell Channel. Port Lucaya Marina is the hub of attraction. Dancing, restaurants and action-packed nightlife nearby will light up your evenings at the famous Port Lucaya Marketplace with its 106 restaurants, bars and shops. Lucaya Village Marina is another good stopping point, and don’t miss the colorful Lucayan National Park with its tropical birds including the rare Bahama parrot. Grand Bahama glitters with all the amenities and activities the Bahamas is famous for, and is a must-see choice on your Bahamas yacht charter vacation.

Harbour Island, Eleuthera, and Cat Island





Three islands grouped to the east of Nassau which invite charter yacht discovery in the irresistible Bahamas are Harbour Island, Eleuthera, and Cat Island.

Quietly beautiful Harbour Island is situated south of The Abacos and is just three miles long and a half mile wide. Skim to a pleasant stop on your Bahamas yacht charter cruise to allow a swim in the sparkling surf and a walk along Harbour Island’s magnificent three-mile powdery pink sand beach.

Good snorkeling and diving may be found at The Plateau and the Arch, two coral formations that attract a splendid variety of marine life. Sport fishing and bonefishing satisfy the fisherman’s yearning, while drier pursuits include browsing the small exclusive shops. Dunmore Town, Harbour Island’s first major settlement which originated in the 1800’s, was a noted shipyard and sugar refinement center. Today, tourists enjoy its charming New England-style architecture.

Just south of Harbour Island, 110 miles of undisturbed coastline awaits discovery by your charter yacht at Eleuthera, one of the best known Out Islands of the Bahamas. Eleuthera is the Greek word for freedom, named so by the British Puritans seeking religious freedom who settled the island.

Eleuthera delights adventurous tourists with caves, colonial villages and pineapple fields. One of Eleuthera’s most famous visitor attractions to the north is the Glass Window Bridge, where a narrow natural arched rock formation offers stunning views of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean on one side and the turquoise Caribbean Sea on the other.

Your yachting adventure to this island which, in some places measures only a few yards wide, will include secluded coves perfect for relaxation or a quiet swim. Anchor your Bahamas charter yacht at Governors Harbour or near the deserted ruins of Royal Island.  Deep sea fishing and diving are popular activities in Eleuthera. Just north of Spanish Wells, the Devil’s Backbone offers a long stretch of fringe reef and wrecked ships that attract colorful fish.

For yachters seeking pure relaxation and calming solitude, Cat Island is known as the least inhabited of all of the islands of the Bahamas. Sail your Bahamas charter yacht south to discover Cat Island near the Tropic of Cancer, between Eleuthera and Long Island. The sixth-largest island in The Bahamas, Cat Island invites exploration of its many attractions, including world class diving, snorkeling and fishing sites, 50-miles of beautiful rolling hills, rocky cliffs, and the deserted 8-mile Pink Sand Beach lapped by cerulean waters.

Main Road, the only road that runs the length of the island, begins at Arthur's Town in the north and ends at Port Howe in the south. Churches, plantation ruins and other historic sites can all be reached from Main Road, and you are likely to see a few island locals weaving straw hats and bags for your shopping pleasure. Mt. Alvernia, the highest point in the Bahamas, rises up 206-feet through a thick forest and is topped by The Hermitage, a small monastery, perched at its summit.

Dazzling sun, sandy beaches, sightseeing and water activities will make for an extraordinary yacht charter vacation at these three islands of Bahamian beauty.

berry islands



The widespread presence of thatch berry trees is believed to be the impetus for the name of the Berry Islands. This stirrup-shaped chain of 30 large islands and almost 100 smaller cays offers 32 miles of possibility for your yacht charter vacation. Often referred to as the “fishbowl of the Bahamas,” the Berry Islands lie 35 miles north of Nassau and attract visitors from all over the world, often as a stopover between Florida and Nassau. Sail your Bahamas charter yacht to the Berry Islands for delicious seclusion. Many of the cays are uninhabited with miles of white unspoiled beaches and water so clear you can see into their turquoise depths. Anchor your yacht in a hidden harbor and enjoy the quiet. Cruise over to the sandy coves and tall cliffs of Sugar Beach Caves, known as one of the most beautiful spots in the Bahamas. And, hunt for souvenir shells at Sand Dollar Hill. Waters of the Berry Islands are extremely popular sport fishing areas, second only to Bimini for big game fish champion catches of mackerel, blue and white marlin and sailfish. Divers and snorkelers will enjoy the spectacular underwater marine life, including the shallow coral reef of Mamma Rhoda Rock with its gliding moray eels. There are plenty of cays to discover in your charter yacht as you cruise from north to south. Great Stirrup Cay and Little Stirrup Cay are both private islands owned by cruise lines, but Great Stirrup Cay has a historic lighthouse. The largest Berry Island is Great Harbour Cay, which measures eight miles long and houses most of the Berry’s population at its main settlement of Bullock’s Harbour. In May, Great Harbour Cay hosts scores of visitors for its annual fishing tournament. The southernmost and second largest cay of the Berry chain is Chub Cay, known to many as the billfish capital of The Bahamas. Chub Cay is positioned overlooking the deep-sea trench, The Tongue of the Ocean, a refuge for big game fish.

Hear the quiet? You’ll hear only the sound of the water lapping against the side of your Bahamas charter yacht as you bask in the seclusion of the tranquil Berry Islands




Just the name of Bimini, named by the Lucayans to mean “two islands,” conjures up images of salty sea spray and fishing boats. Or is it because this Bahama island, just 50 miles from Miami, is the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”? Bimini is a popular destination for yacht charters, particularly in the summer months when crossing the Gulf Stream is safer. North Bimini and South Bimini, complemented by the smaller East Bimini, are rich with history and a laid back atmosphere just right for a Bahamas yacht charter vacation. On North Bimini, Alice Town is the main tourist hub, and offers anchorage at its marina as well as small shops for browsing and white sand beaches. Bimini Bay Resort and Marina is located north of Alice Town and features a casino and golf. Also on North Bimini is Bailey Town, where most of the Bimini population resides.Cruise along in your yacht charter and explore the small cays of Bimini, including Gun Cay, an uninhabited island south of Bimini, and Cat Cay, where you’ll find a private Club and Marina.

Incomparable sport fishing attracts the most visitors to Bimini – “the big game fishing capital of the world,” nicknamed so for the large catches on record here. Recreational fishing boat charters stand ready to provide a day’s entertainment on the water. Snorkeling and diving are also remarkable. Cruise your charter yacht to Bimini’s turquoise waters off the beach in Alice Town for great underwater views of colorful tropical fish, or sail further out to offshore coral reefs. Serious divers search for “Atlantis” rock formations. Care to hang out with some slippery sea friends? Bring the family and make a morning of swimming with the dolphins. Visiting celebrities have helped develop Bimini’s tropical vacation reputation. Hemingway-inspired watering holes abound, as well as casual restaurants with fishing themes. As you navigate your charter yacht on your way to Nassau or Grand Bahama, be sure to take in the delights of Bimini.

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